Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wonderful Swedish cookies for all at Soho Square!

Rain and grey skies met us at Fika Square this the morning but by the early afternoon the sun came out and warmed us up in Soho Square.

The ground was too wet for the Fika picnic and instead we went out around Soho Square and offered free cookies to passers-by. The Fika Parlour moved into the tent and this created a cosy atmosphere where guests could enjoy a cup of coffee, a delicious cookie and a chat about Skåne and Sweden.

Seven delicious cookies

Sweden’s most famous chocolatier, pastry chef and cookbook author, Jan Hedh, made the seven kinds of delicious cookies and spent the day chatting to guests about the summer destination of Skåne and introduced Britons to the custom of Fika.

Photo by W Communication
I had a quick chat with Jan who told me how he used to work on cruise ships to fund his studies while studying to become a pastry chef in Switzerland. This gave him a taste for adventure and he has since continued to travel the world within his profession.

Jan grew up in Malmö in Skane, Southern Sweden. Since the age of 14 he has been baking and is now one of the foremost chocolate experts and pastry master in the world.

Jan is also the author of several books and a World Championship medalist. He is co-owner of Olof Viktor's Bakery in Glemminge and artisan bakery Peter's Yard in Edinburgh. He is also a consultant to the Chocolaterie Les Trois Roses in Malmö, where it manufactures chocolate and pralines, jams, marmalades, mustards, vinegars, and spice blends.

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