Wednesday, 24 August 2011

An apple master piece is starting to take shape!

A lot of people have come to Fika Square to see the amazing apple art piece by artist Emma Karp Lundström. Emma has been behind the apple art at the famous Kivik Apple Market in recent years and today she is creating a huge piece of art made out of apples. The piece of art will look like a painting, but it is actually pieced together by colorful apples.

Boxes and boxes of colourful apples were delivered to Soho Square in the early hours and by mid morning Emma had already started putting up the first apples for the art piece.

Emma's apple art piece in Kivik is much larger than the one she is creating for the Fika Square event, but Emma says,

- It's harder to make a small piece than a big one.

The Kivik piece of apple art has around 35,000 apples installed on 70,000 spikes. The Kivik Apple Market started in 1988 when the Swedish fruit-growing industry joined forces to raise positive aware­ness of Swedish fruit. Times had been hard for apple growers and when the USA and EU demanded the removal of the Swedish import ban on foreign fruit during the Swedish fruit season, fruit growers protested and countered by starting the “Apple War”.

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