Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Seven cookies and a cup of coffee

After a dreary looking start to the day the sun came out just as the doors opened to Fika Square at Soho Square in London. Within minutes all the tables in the Fika Parlour, and most of the picnic blankets were filled with excited Londoners on their lunchbreak, Swedes living in London and tourists who wanted to try a relaxing Fika.

World famous pastry chef Jan Hedh’s cookies proved a hit and our Fika guests had a hard time trying to decide which one was their favourite cookie. 

photo by W Communications

 - I think I prefer the one with the almonds, says Jackie Hannan. Jackie has travelled in to Soho Square from Ealing in West London to try a Swedish Fika and relax in the sunshine.

Traditionally, seven cookies are served as part of the Fika ritual, made from the finest natural ingredients, married with a fresh cup of coffee, it’s the perfect time to indulge and revitalizing. In the 19th century the ingredients for cookies were expensive and it was a sign of wealth be able to offer your guest several varieties of cookies. A competitiveness between hostesses developed and the custom for serving seven varieties derived.

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