Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wake up and smell the coffee! It's time for FIKA at Soho Square!
Setting up at Soho Square
It's time! Today Soho Square will turn into Fika Square when Swedish Fika comes to town. There'll be a spectacular apple art work installation made of 1,000kg apples by Swedish artist Emma Karp Lundström and 7,000 cookies baked by Jan Hedh. It's time for FIKA at Soho Square!

Reservations for up to six people can be requested by emailing but you can also show up for first come, first served baked goods at the picnic.

Don't miss artist Emma Karp Lundström, who will use apples to depict scenes from the area of Skåne at the event! Find out more about Emma on our blog post below.

Work has started on the apple art piece this morning

See you at Soho Square from 12.30!

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