Thursday, 20 October 2011

Book Launch: You don´t look THAT old!

Sweden’s best-selling doctor-author-standup comedian Richard Fuchs is coming to the UK on the 3rd of November to launch his new book You don´t look that old! (£9.99).

In this humorous and friendly guide to all things that affect us as we age, Fuchs takes a look at subjects as diverse as hair, changing partners, glasses and plastic surgery. This is a very funny book with a touch of seriousness, no matter whether you've just reached 25 or forgotten when you were 65. You will find this book funny and a little bit useful no matter how old you are or how old you look. It is filled with wisdom and humour relating to the ageing process, from Signs of Ageing to Food for Wrinkies and from Hobbies to Plastic Surgery.

The Author is available for interview
Rickard Fuchs is a medical practitioner and best-selling author, serious lecturer and stand-up comedian. His books have been at the top of the bestsellers list on several occasions and he has sold more than two million books in his native Sweden. He has been published in 20 countries worldwide. His latest book Have A Nicer Day, was twice named book of the week in the Daily Mail.

Book launch:
Thursday 3 November 2011
6pm - 7.30pm
Embassy of Sweden Reception Suite
5 Upper Montagu Street  London W1H 2AG

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