Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Meet the Swedish Icehotel chef Alexander Meier

Alex Meier with Harrods restaurant manager at the SeaGrill bar

Hello Alex, welcome to London! You have created two dishes for the SeaGrill bar at Harrods, one with arctic char and one crab mousseline. How come you chose those two?
I created them because I think they represent Swedish Lapland. Both dishes are made with fresh Swedish products and if closing your eyes while eating it, you can only imagine how fresh, clean and mysterious the north of Sweden is.

Sounds yummy! What´s your view on Swedish food in general?
This is how it is; we have the forests, the rivers and the mountains that are full of products and flavours. If you make a fusion of these products; mixing for example the traditional Sami food with new fresh ideas, you can create amazing dishes.
You are the head chef at the Swedish Icehotel, what will be on the menu this year?
The new menu for the winter season was created by my F and B manager Stefan Benjaminsson and I. We are going to have exclusive products from Swedish Lapland with a hint of French cuisine. People will be given the chance to taste products from the forests; like reindeer, from the rivers; like arctic char and from the mountains; like cloudberries.
The season at the Icehotel starts on the 3rd of December, what are you looking forward to the most?
For our guests to come and eat and enjoy the greatest food they ever had..!

You are originally from Switzerland, how does it feel living in Sweden?
I love Swedish Lapland. Working with people that are like family to me, I´m living the dream.

Alexander´s dishes will be served at Harrods SeaGrill bar until October 19. To taste these gorgeous ingredients and recipes in their native environment, fly direct to the ICEHOTEL in Swedish Lapland this winter with the experts Discover the World (, three night trips from £1,093 per person.

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